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Though the end of a marriage is emotional and often difficult, it also represents a new beginning. You will have important decisions to make that will impact the short- and long-term future of everyone involved. It is important to ensure that you have the information you need to make the right decisions.

Since 1992, I have focused my practice on helping people through the challenging transition of divorce, as well as other areas of family law. At Laurie P. Mullen, Attorney at Law, my goal as your lawyer is to protect your best interests by providing you with reliable legal advice and representation. Whether you are involved in a divorce, child custody dispute, paternity dispute or any other family law matter, I will provide attentive representation that is mindful of your unique needs and goals.

Solutions that fit the circumstances of your life. To schedule an appointment, call 508-679-9811, 508-252-2300, or contact me online.

My family law practice includes effective representation and thoughtful guidance in the following areas:

Divorce And Related Issues

  • Divorce: I handle both contested and uncontested divorces, representing clients through the process of divorce mediation and litigation.
  • Property division: Massachusetts is an equitable distribution state, meaning that the court will divide marital assets between the parties in a manner it deems fair based on many factors. I will help you understand how the law works and work hard to ensure you receive the full and fair amount of the assets to which you are entitled.
  • Child support: Child support is determined by application of the state child support guidelines. I will help you understand the factors involved, ensuring that all income and expenses are fully considered in order to arrive at a fair and accurate amount.
  • Spousal support / alimony: I will help you understand the factors the court considers in making an award of alimony and provide you with a realistic assessment of what you can expect.
  • Child custody and visitation: I will work closely with you to determine your goals and craft a parenting plan that strives to meet them. I will explain your rights and responsibilities with regard to legal and physical custody, as well as visitation.
  • Enforcement and modifications of divorce orders: If you spouse or ex-spouse fails to comply with his or her custody, visitation or support obligations, I will help you seek enforcement of the order. If your financial or other life circumstances change, I will assist you in seeking a modification of the original custody or support order.


  • I represent men and women in actions to establish paternity, as well as actions to establish support, visitation and custody in non-marital situations after paternity has been determined.


  • I assist clients seeking to accomplish a private placement adoption, with a focus on stepparent and guardian adoptions. I will explain the legal process, handle all the paperwork and represent you in all court proceedings necessary to accomplish the adoption.

Separate Support

  • In Massachusetts, individuals may file a legal action for separate support. This may be appropriate for people who, for a variety of reasons, do not want to divorce, but are in need of financial support from the other spouse. I will explain the pros and cons, and help you determine whether this option makes sense for your particular situation and goals.


  • This allows parties to “undo” the marriage as if it never existed. There are a number of reasons a person might seek an annulment instead of a divorce. The court will grant an annulment in limited situations and for specific reasons according to Massachusetts law. I will work closely with you to determine if this, or another, option is the best route for meeting your goals.

Effective And Tailored Solutions

With 25 years of experience, you can rely on me to provide the sound guidance, knowledgeable representation and effective solutions you need in divorce or any other family law matter. To schedule an appointment call 508-679-9811, 508-252-2300, or contact me online.