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I went from paying support to receiving support for a minor child that resided with me. She waste no time, money and plays no games. If you need legal assistance, don’t rely on a friend of a friend or someone who talks a good game. (that’s exactly what I did and it hurt and delayed my case) . Attorney Mullen explained my case, my rights and walked me through the process the entire way. Don’t waste time or money with anyone else, get it right the first time.


Laurie helped me tremendously during a very difficult time. She offered very sound, practical advice and was able to take a situation that seemed overwhelming to me, and made it much simpler and understandable. I have a lot of respect for her and would highly recommend her for legal advice and action. The money was very well spent, and I truly appreciated her experience and personal integrity.


My previous attorney for family / child support case dropped the ball. With it being a very stressful time I needed to find someone that I could depend on and trust. Laurie not only did that but fought tooth and nail on my behalf even when I could not be present in court. I live out of state and she communicated with me throughout the whole process. Laurie will represent you with the highest of standards and will fight for the best outcome for you. If I ever need an attorney again I will not hesitate to call her.


My accident happened in 2012 and Being 60 years old and never needing a lawyer before I was petrified and lost. My husband knew her and her father and said they were a trusted family with a great reputation for being honest and fair. I am so grateful that I had her for my lawyer because she was so caring and went above and beyond trying to help us. I would recommend her in a heartbeat and I would call if I ever need a lawyer again (I hope that will not be too soon)! She made this unpleasant and terrifying accident a lot easier to handle. God Bless Her.


Very highly recommended for getting the job done every time! The ease of contact in resolving every issue is why I pick this lawyer. Truly makes legal matters as simple to deal with as possible. I’ve utilized this lawyer for several issues I’ve had to de


Laurie gets things done in a timely manner. She listens and advises, but gives you room to consider all options. She is very reasonable with what she charges for her services. I really like her.


Attorney Mullen was very helpful during an extremely stressful time in our lives. She was very professional, courteous and made the mediation process very clear and understandable for us. Her explanation of what would happen in the court system was spot on and reassuring also.


We have had the privilege of retaining Laurie as our attorney for over 20 years. She provides us with legal advise, creates legal documents on our behalf, while addressing any questions or legal issues we may pose to her. Laurie is very professional, bright, and personable. She also responds to our inquiries in a timely fashion. Though we have had no reason to go to court, we wouldn’t hesitate to have Laurie represent us should such a situation arise. We have referred family members and friends to Laurie, and encourage anyone looking for legal assistance to contact Laurie Mullen as soon as needed.


I went through a very difficult time with my divorce. Laurie was excellent through the whole process. Even after my divorce was complete, she assisted me with some other issues that occured afterwards. Laurie is a very knowledgeable, caring, efficient and effective lawyer.


Laurie was very up front and honest when reviewing my case. There were no surprises and all in all I was very satisfied with the outcome.


Laurie did a fantastic job! She was highly efficient and knowledgeable and helped make the entire divorce process as easy as possible. She uncovered potential problems and worked to eliminate unnecessary legal snafus. She was completely honest and straightforward with me. She was also detail-oriented and shed light on all of the proceedings. I knew exactly what to expect from the process which helped to make the experience much easier to deal with. I appreciate all of her knowledge and hard work and would highly recommend her!


We went to Laurie for a co-parent adoption and estate planning. Although she had never done that type of adoption before she was able to research how to do it. Everything went smoothly. She’s also very nice and down to earth.


Attorney Mullen is a professional,knowledgable, bright and articulate thinker. Her communications and advice has always been spot on. She gives real world advice that is always relevant and based on logic. She is a trustworthy and trusted associate.


Laurie handled my divorce with complete professionalism. Her attitude, guidance, and knowledge helped make this difficult situation much easier. Laurie was not only able to negotiate a fare agreement, she also helped manage my stress with this life altering decision. I have worked with Laurie on a number of occasions since my divorce and not only do I have confidence in her professional advice she makes me feel like a friend. I highly recommend Laurie to anyone who is interested in a caring professional who will provide excellent guidance on the law.


She was very honest and understanding during this whole process. She gave me clear instructions on what I needed to provide her with to handle my case and exactly what would happen. She was very knowledgable in what she was doing. The advice and legal services that she did and explained were a great help when it came time to go to court. Everything was in layman’s terms so you could understand what was going on and going to happen. She did an excellent job with my case, especially since I’d never been though this before. I would highly recommend her to anyone for any legal advice or service. She was outstanding in her service to me and only wish there were more like her.


I was referred to this attorney for my divorce by some friends. I already had a lawyer but I wasn’t happy with him and I could never reach him. I really don’t like lawyers but she turned me around. She was very easy to deal with and extremely responsive. My case was very difficult and went on for awhile. I was very impressed with her memory. I never had to repeat myself like with the other guy. She totally understood where I was coming from. I was very pleased with the outcome. My case did settle but it was because of all the hard work she did. It made my wife’s lawyer look bad that we were so prepared.


Laurie Mullen represented me in my divorce from my husband. We have two young children, so she also represented my interests in the child custody part of the case. Laurie did a truly excellent job in helping me realize my ideal scenario (given the circumstances)–a 50-50 shared parenting, shared custody arrangement that does not require child support going in either direction. She remained assertive, thorough and very much on top of all developments from start to finish, always keeping me informed and helping to give me “reality checks” at difficult turns in the case. From start the finish, the case took 6 months–a fairly quick resolution as I understand it. Finally, Laurie was also easy to talk to, very good at explaining difficult concepts. I would enthusiastically hire her again for other types of family law matters.


I was served with divorce papers on Friday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend, and needed a good lawyer, fast. I visited a couple of law offices in the Taunton area, and as expected, I was told that the attorneys had left early for the holiday weekend. By evening time, I sent Laurie an email, not thinking that she would reply until the following Tuesday at the soonest, but to my surprise, she replied that evening, and we communicated several times by email over the weekend. She found some early-morning time to see me a few days after that, and really set a lot of my fears and nervousness to rest. She’s very knowledgeable and professional but easy to talk to. She does not give the impression of being in a rush. It’s not easy to make me laugh under the circumstances, but Laurie manages to offer some appropriate humor, which helps me to relax. My divorce process is still underway, and though this is an unpleasant chapter of my life, I feel assured that Laurie will do all that she can for my case. I am glad that she is representing me.


This lawyer represented me in my divorce. she was very good and handled everything professionally. she always emailed me back, even late at night. i would use her again. she did charge a consultation fee but she provided a lot of information at the consultation and she takes the money off the retainer fee.